How to Update Local Copy from ionic Creator?


I was working on ionic Creator and Build a simple design. For a Test Purpose, I downloaded it, using

ionic start ***** creator:*************

Later I made some changes in the design on ionic creator. Now I need to update the local copy from ionic creator. I ran the same command again, Hoping it would have a merge or upload like functionality. But it ended up rewriting the directory with the update. Which works for my By the way. But I was wondering, is there any way ( I haven’t found any on any doc what so ever ) to update the design from ionic creator to local copy without rewriting it? If so, what is it?

Or, is there any plan to include such functionality?


This update was my question too.
If I have a local creator project and I want to modify the alyout with creator: insert, delete some element, wich is the best way to do that?


Same issue here. Is there a way to update local project without rebuilding the whole deal?


Since there is not a lot of info on the internet about the ionic creator,
I am making an Ionic Creator FB group for the community.
We can all post Q’s and A’s there and give Tutorials/ Helpful info.
Please invite everyone you know who use Ionic Creator so that we can grow the group and help each other.