How to update cordova and ionic?



I use sudo sudo npm update -g cordova ionic to update frameworks. Is’t the right procedure?


Correct, npm update is a built in function for node that will any packages you have installed. If things aren’t updating correctly, you can always run

sudo npm uninstall -g ionic && sudo npm install ionic

Ok. Thank you. I’m upgrading to latest cordova and ionic :smile:

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How download a file from external url using ionic2?

A question. This command is for update the framework.

How to upgrade a solution or package via command line?

The simple solution is download the latest Ionic package and overwrite files into lib folder with thats of downloaded pack, but version.json file is not updated.


so npm update -g ionic and ionic build ios, e.g. will not update the project? And it will NOT “making new ionic features available”?

This should be possible.

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$ sudo npm update -g ionic will update the CLI.

$ sudo npm update -g cordova will update the cordova CLI, which ionic is built onto of.

cordova platform update [platform] updates a project to use the latest version of cordova (3.4.0 to 3.4.1)

We don’t have a CLI command to update the local copies of Ionic (the project css and javascript), but I mention it to the devs you can make an issue for it on the github page


The simple solution is download the latest Ionic package and overwrite files into lib folder with thats of downloaded pack


Previously I was using 1.0.0-beta.8 and now I have want to use the latest release 1.0.0-beta.9. Can you please let me know how to upgrade it?



If your project was made by our CLI, follow the directions in the readme file

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Thanks, Actually I didn’t read your previous comment. Actually I wanted to updated to latest build to fix this issue. But it seems the scroll position of a list is not remembered. Any thoughts?

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It should be in the nightly builds, which you can get with this bower command.

bower install driftyco/ionic-bower#master
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I keep updating my cordova but still gets the same error when i create a New project saying unadble to add plugins perhaps my cordova is outdated!! Please help


What commands are you entering?


i did npm install -g cordova


After you update your global install of cordova, you need to update each project as well.

$ cordova platform update android
$ cordova platform update ios

$ ionic lib update


i just install cordova and ionic but it is still showing “out of date” massage its may be the latest version i think so
but i dont know why this is showing this
actually i’m not a developer
i just start by watching some videos
and i’m able to create still testing app but after that app and i’m trying to create another one but i’m not able to create not even to index file just couz of out of cordova and ionic please help :frowning: :frowning:


Hey There!

So could you provide the output from ionic -v and cordova -v in your command line?

Also, node -v and npm -v?


You need to add -g to the second command

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I am trying to uninstall the old version ionic and update new one. But what happens is every time i uninstall the ionic it show the old version. And even after the updates are completed it shows the same.
Please help me solving this problem mhartington.
ionic version: 1.7.16
node version: 6.9.4
npm version: 4.0.5