How to test plug ins ON A DEVICE. (cordova.js not loading)

I keep seeing everyone talk about not using a device, but I can’t get a plug in to work .

I have tried,
ionic run ios --device

and also running from Xcode.

1st, the system did not correctly even put the cordova.js files into the MyProject/platform/ios/www directory, second inside Xcode project was orignally referring to MyProject/www rather than MyProject/platform/ios/www

I have not see even a single example of someone actually doing the steps that allows you to test from a device. (I already know how to do provisiong profiles. I can get it to load on my device, but it never copies the cordova.js file).

How do you run actual device testing. (I’m not looking for yet another answer about how to test faster. I don’t want fast. I want real, on device testing of my plug in code. Why is there not even a single sample of doing this? Is any one really using iOS???)

Let me be very clear. I want to test plug in code on a device. I want to be able to build and put the code on a device, but an android AND AN IOS DEVICE. I have yet to see any one in any video type in any command that results in the code running on an iOS device and running a plug in.

It’s the plug ins that are not working. When I look into my code through the Safari debugger, the cordova.js file is not even being loaded to the device. Something is not being said about the process steps.

I want my final step to be. “Load in the device, click on the camera, take a photo, the photo remains on the device.”