How to test performance between page views?

I built a simple prototype using ionic 2. This prototype, is not hooked up to a web service to get data. It is using simple hardcoded mockups.

I am finding that the performance of ionic 2 is abysmally slower than ionic 1, as follows:

  • load times (the time it gets from opening the app until it shows up our app main screen).
  • tapping a menu (there’s like a noticeable lag).
  • tapping a button (another lag).

I am comparing ionic 2 with similar ionic 1 prototype. Only difference is that in Ionic 2 i am using crosswalk for compatibility.

I want to prove if my ionic 2 prototype is slower and less responsive. Thus, back to my original question, how do I measure the time from when I tapping a menu/button to the time the new page loads?

Thanks in advance.