How to target iOS, Android and Windows platforms with a MBaaS

Hey everyone,

I’m exited to build apps for all three major platforms with Ionic 2; iOS, Android and Windows Universal Platform apps. I’m need an app with a lot of native functionality like chat with push notifications and geofence. So i’m looking for a good MBaaS to help me with.

For me, Firebase looks awesome, especially the Cloud Messaging service. I would love to use this service. But is there an option to also support the Windows Universal Platform?

Without firebase UWP support, i’m forced to look at alternatives. Therefore i think the second best choice is Azure App Service for Mobile to support al three platforms. There is a Cordova plugin that works on both iOS, Android and Windows.

So my question; what’s the best option for today if i want to build an Ionic 2 app for iOS, Android and Windows? Azure or Firebase…