How to submit form to external url

I am working in a mobile app with payment gateway. I want to send form data to a external url to process payment.


<form action="" method="post"> 
<input type="text" ng-model="data">
<input type=submit>

On submitting the form, Data in the form should be send to the external url. and return url should be displayed inside the application.

you do not do such things in apps…

use a payment provider, that provides a mobile sdk or an api you can request via $http-service.

Like paypal --> they are providing a good api and a cordova-plugin

Since my payment provider was not with proper mobile api. I was searching to submit form in app itself.

However, Is this possible to submit form to the external url ?

The problem is, that you will fake the payment form --> send it to their server and get their feedback.

This is not really trustworthy.

I think i would build something ugly with an iframe… to show the payment side itself… and the original payment form and so on. so you are staying in your app and the payment side handles their stuff in the iframe

I don’t think so it is possible to work with iframe, Since i have send some data from the app to process the app. After submitting the form, I have to display in webview. Problem is Submitting form to external url in angularjs is difficult one.

did u figure this out how to submit the form data and integrating with payment gateway?

    @dilipwk - Did you found solution?

You can use inappbrowser plugin to open the original payment gateway page and catch its response.

@saurabhgupta050 - Do you have payment gateway integration experience in hybrid mobile apps?

Other than Paypal and Braintree, could someone suggest good payment gateway for hybrid mobile apps ?

These might be helpful

Thanks @saurabhgupta050, As of now stripe is not supporting our country(India) and Paypal pricing is huge for our requirement and even there is no Netbanking and Debitcard features. Anyhow your inputs may help someone else…