How to submit an image to other websites?

I need to know about something image sharing I find difficult to submit please anyone let me know.

Your question is a bit hard to understand. Can you give an example of what you’re asking?

I want to share my website images but I cannot understand how? Am new that’s why I find difficulties. Do you suggest to me some site where I can share my images?

Do you mean share your website images on social media?

If you’re coming from an Ionic app sharing will be built out with some front-end JS. Images will generally be hosted along with your app. You would not need to share your images elsewhere to show them on your page. Sharing would be a way to spread the word about your site and get people back to your site.

Do you suggest to me some site where I can share my images?

I’m not sure I understand what you want. If you just want to share images outside of an Ionic app there are plenty of existing services for this and you’re better off asking outside a developer forum maybe on Quora or Reddit. If you however want to build a website to share pictures then you could do that with Ionic but you’ll need to either hire someone or study more to get some more Development background.

Hope I’ve answered your question. If not please clarify a bit more.

Yes, I got it. Thank you so much.

It’s my pleasure. I’m pleased that you’ve gotten the answer you where after. :grinning: