How to stop auto livereload option?

Hi Team,

I have installed Ionic latest version 3.12.0 and creating my new project.

I have created my sidemenu template project and running my project by CLI command
ionic serve

By using above command my browser auto refresh every small change. I want to stop auto refresh feature as I want to make group of changes then want to run my project to see the changes.

I have tried both below mentioned command but they didn’t work as expected
ionic serve -b
ionic serve --nobrowser

Can anyone please help me how to stop auto refresh feature?


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Hi Tommertom,

I am also looking for solution. does anyone have idea about this?


Why would ok want to do this?

Hi Judgewest2000,

Thanks for your reply.
I want to make group of changes and then want to refresh my browser to load all the changes. Currently, even small change like changing “Hello” to “Hellos” and save will refresh the page. After making such small change it run group of tasks and then load the page and all this process took lots of time. I want to avoid this situation.

Any solution?

DO you still want it to auto rebuild the code (without the browser refreshing) or just hang tight till you run a command?


Try not hitting the save-all button after each change. The reload looks at file changes

Or run ionic serve once and then kill it (ctrl+c) and then run it again whenever you feel like looking at changes. The latter being the silly version of the above.



Hi Judgewest2000,

Something like that on saving it should rebuild the code but without refreshing browser. Refreshing browser should be controllable from user side.

Previous version of Ionic had this functionality.

I think you’re out of luck. Clearly that feature has been disabled.