How to show page from top without using scrollToTop?

Hi guys, I have an Ionic 4 app that show a book index and when I navigage to the chapter content in the next page, I can navigate back to the book index, but I want the page show from the top, not scrolled, I want it to show the first chapters.
I tried used this.content.scrollToTop(0), but I didn’t like the scroll effect.
I tried Angular router ExtraOptions scrollPositionRestoration = ‘top’ but it didn’t work too.
I didn’t find a way to disable the page cache so it can reload again from the top.

How can I solve this, please?

You can try using native attributes offered in Javascript,
Like nativeElement.scrollTop =nativeElement.scrollHeight -nativeElement.clientHeight
If you want to scroll to top you can use nativeElement.scrollTop = 0