How to show message if object is empty in table td?

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     <td>{{x.title}}</td><td class="forbutton"><button class="button icon ion-chevron-right button-clear">    </button></td>


If x.title is empty then i want to show a message to user current it is displaying messag in both case whether it is empty or have some value

Sorry but you need to be more specific, this is simply not enough to give you a satisfactory answer.

Read this:

If I understood you right I might have an answer for you. If you are having in account that, even tho a request has been fulfilled successfully, the data received is empty, and you want to show the user that it’s no mistake (as in a search with no results) you can try something like this (pseudo-code):

  gotData = false;
    success: gotData = true

In HTML you can then check for something like

ng-show="gotData && x.title.length > 0"

So if the title is empty and you already got the data you can show a “No results” or whatever you like. Does that help?