How to show information the right information from Json file


This is Json file:


This code :smile:

		<ion-list class="list-inset">
			<ion-item class="item-text-wrap" ng-repeat="x in articledetail ">
			  <p> Name : {{}}</p>
                <p>  Category : {{x.catename}}</p>
                 <p>  Filepath : {{x.filepath}}</p>

i want to show like this:

Name: Cemera
Category : canon
Filepath : /img/jdf.png


then you have to prefilter your data --> merge together the information
[{ catname: “canon”, name: “Cemera”, filepaths: [“img/…”, “img/…”]}]

Or you add a custom angularjs filter for that, to call it after your ngrepeat

But it is fast to do it directly if you get the data.