How to show downloaded images in photos app in iOS?

Hello folks,

I have downloaded image using ng-Cordova file transfer plugin. that image is saved in the application memory in iPhone. I want to show it in photos app in iPhone. How to do the this?

did you specify a target path?

Yes I did, and image also successfully stored on that path. But I cant see it in photos app in iPhone.

and did your phone has access to that folder, to crawl the image?

Here you can find the standard locations on the device you can write.

The “documents”-folder should be synced in the cloud and parsed by the image library

Hi @bengtler, thank you so much for your response, actually I have used target path as

  1. cordova.file.dataDirectory and
  2. cordova.file.syncedDataDirectory

out of above cordova.file.dataDirectory save an image but its unable to display in photos, and cordova.file.syncedDataDirectory throws an error like “Could not create target file” .

Can you please help me in this?

Hi @mhartington , Please look into this.

Hi @vikask, did you find any solution to this problem? I’m facing the same issue.

have found any solution for that .

Hi @vikask i am also facing this issue. Did you got any solution regarding this.