How to setup aws s3 Javascript sdk in AngularSJ

I am trying to implement amazon s3 to store all my user uploaded images (I’m using I already understand the part where you have to:

  1. create a bucket
  2. take note of the credentials
  3. install the javascript sdk

im got lost on configuring the sdk. and using the rest api to get/post data

I am using the aws sdk in a couple of projects. You simply need to set it up inside your app’s config block:

angular.module('myApp', [
.config([function() {
        AWS.config.update({accessKeyId: 'your-access-key-id', secretAccessKey: 'your-secret-key'});  

Then in your controller or service:

new AWS.S3().listObjects({Bucket: 'myBucket'}, function(error, data) {
	if (!error) {

Hope it helps!