How to set setWebContentsDebuggingEnabled to true


I developed a Ionic (v3) app and I’m now starting a test automation process using Appium.
So far, I was facing lots of issues because I cannot find any element after launching the app on Android.
As far as I understand from Appium docs, I have to set the following property to true

There is an additional step necessary within your app build, unfortunately. As described in the Android remote debugging docs it is necessary to set to true the setWebContentsDebuggingEnabled property on the android.webkit.WebView element.

Those instructions are for native development. What is the corresponding setting in Ionic?

I tried to add the following in config.xml but not sure it is the right way:

<preference name="WebContentsDebuggingEnabled" value="true" />

Hi Flavio,

Is this working? It is not working for me. I appreciate if you share any other way to set it true.

It never worked to me.
Solution was to change mobile technology development to native.