How to set parallel HTTP session limit

I have a web interface for an IoT device working for desktop, but it fails to fetch data when run using a Capacitor iOS project. It seems like the iOS app is trying to establish too many parallel HTTP sessions and it’s causing my IoT device to lock up.

Is there a place in Capacitor to specify a maximum number of parallel HTTP sessions?

The web app was built using electron forge, but it’s working as a desktop Capacitor app after following the instructions here, under Add Capacitor to your web app: Installing Capacitor | Capacitor Documentation

From my limited knowledge of the inner workings of Capacitor, I am not aware of an option. You need to provide more info though. Are you using a JS framework? How are you making your HTTP requests? I found this issue with React Native so appears technically possible.

One option would be to use a simple queue to limit calls. Here is an example of a simple queue (I am not the creator but I use it for something else in my app). It would need to be modified to allow parallel requests with a limit.