How to set a PreferredLaunchViewSize and SetPreferredMinSize for UWP-App?

Hello there,

I am using Ionic 3 for an App which should run on android and win10. The UWP-App is a desktop application which is allowed to be resized. But there must be a minimum size. For android it’s always fullscreen.

How can I set the minimum size on the UWP-App? I know there is (

ApplicationView.PreferredLaunchViewSize = new Size(480, 800); 
ApplicationView.GetForCurrentView().SetPreferredMinSize(new Size(200, 100));

but I don’t want to change the UWP-Project. To disable the UWP-Backbutton I was able to use

//hide uwp back button
if (cordova.platformId = "windows") {
    var currentView = Windows.UI.Core.SystemNavigationManager.getForCurrentView();
    currentView.appViewBackButtonVisibility = Windows.UI.Core.AppViewBackButtonVisibility.collapsed;

but when I try to use the API i mentioned I get an error that Size cannot be found (which is no surprise).

Any advice?


Hello hamburml,

I hope you got solution for your problem. I would like to know how your are using Windows.UI.Core.SystemNavigationManager.getForCurrentView() in Ionic i am getting error like Cannot find name ‘Windows’. Did you mean ‘Window’?

If you help me with this problem it will be very helpful.