How to send data to ionic 4 when new entry added to the postgree DB?

I need to send data from Spring Boot to the ionic 4 when new entry is added to postgree DB. When I refresh the page it sends get request to the Spring Boot and retrive the data. But I need to do that without refreshing the page.

    return this.http.get<any>('http://localhost:8080/api/getAllFines')
    .subscribe(transformedData =>  {;;

Here is the Ionic Code which get data when the user enter the program or when they refresh the page.

I did some research, with the zeromq I can do this. However as far as I get, Ionic4 does not support the zeromq.

Thank You Very Much.

People typically turn to push notification services for this.

Is there common push notification services, except the firebase. Thank you for your reply.