How to send an email confirming order to my user ionic 4

Hi guys,
Here’s my problem, I’d like to send an email to my user confirming he ordered food, but I want to send this email from the email of my ‘company’.
All I found on the web was about email-composer, but if I get it well, this is only to send emails from user’s email adress, what I don’t want to do !

Do you have any idea how to do that ?

Thanks for your time.

So, where do you physically want to send the email from?

Where is the order being created?

You would normally send the email from that server.

I use PHPMailer for this. When the user order something you can fire an event to you server and from there you send your e-mail. The email body can be written in HTML, so you can customize the way you want, but can write some simple text as well.