How to see whether sqlite database has been created or not?

I am creating my database using Sqlite in my service constructor.

constructor(private _storage : Storage, private _event : Events, private _sqlite : SQLite){

        name : 'favTeams.db',
        location : 'default'
    }).then( ( db: SQLiteObject) => {
        this._sqlLiteObj = db;
        db.executeSql(`CREATE TABLE  IF NOT EXISTS teams(
            teamId INT PRIMARY KEY,
            teamName varchar NOT NULL
        .then( () => console.log('Executes SQL'))
        .catch( e => 'error in creating table');

Inserting values like this :

let query = ‘INSERT INTO teams VALUES (?,?)’;
this._sqlLiteObj.executeSql(query,{ teamId :, teamName : ‘cyclones’});
this._event.publish(‘favourites :changed’);

And fetching the results like this :

let items = [];
this._sqlLiteObj.executeSql(‘SELECT * FROM teams’,[]).then( (data) => items = data);
return items;

My app is running fine , but I am not able to store the result in the database, hence I wanted to check whether database has been created or not. Please help in figuring out how to store something and fetch something from sqlite database in ionic.