How to see/test icon / splashscreen of an app

I am nearly finished with a new app, but need to see what my desktop icon looks like – at least on Android. I’ve put the icon.png file in resources/android/icon.png and run ionic cordova resources android -i. Then to build the app and load it on my android phone (which is plugged in to my computer), I do ionic build --prod && npx cap sync && npx cap open android.

From Android Studio, I build it and run it. It is successfully downloaded to my phone, but the icon on the desktop still looks like the ionic icon – not my new icon.

Should this work? Or do I have to build an apk as in and then move the apk to my phone somehow?

Or, is there a better way to see what the icon will look like on my phone?

If this answer is somewhere in the docs, please just point me to it. thanks.


Hi Vic,

from what I do, you are centimeters (or inches) away.
I usually do this:

ionic build --prod --release
npx cap sync
npx cap copy android
cd android; ./gradlew assembleDebug; cd ..

the last command generates an apk (path will be in the console log) and then I upload that one to my Android.
There, I install it and can check all my icon related troubles.


Note: There might be a similar command in Android Studio itself to create the apk.



I’m just curious: how do you get the apk over to your device?

I’m partial to adb install.

Either what Robert proposed above, or share it via Google Drive.
Or you can copy the apk when your phone mounts as a drive when connected via USB to your computer.