How to run the DECRYPT method using the Android Fingerprint Auth plugin

Hello everybody, good morning everyone Does anyone know how to work with this plugin? How to get a decrypt of key stored after authentication made by biometrics in android?

Currently using the encrypt method, until I can capture the key, however I need to get the PASSWORD property, which I read in the documentation is possible only by the decrypt method.

The problem is, I run the decrypt function, as it says in the documentation, and it just does not open the dialog, could someone give me an attention, if possible with a certain URGENCY?


.then((result)=> {
this.androidFingerprintAuth.decrypt({ clientId: ‘myAppName’, username: ‘currentUser’, password: ‘base64encodedUserCredentials’ })
.then(result => {
if (result.withFingerprint) {
console.log(‘Successfully encrypted credentials.’);
if (result.password){
console.log("password: " + result.password);
} else if (result.withBackup) {
console.log(‘Successfully authenticated with backup password!’);
} else console.log(‘Didn’t authenticate!’);

  .catch(error => {
     if (error === this.androidFingerprintAuth.ERRORS.FINGERPRINT_CANCELLED) {
       console.log('Fingerprint authentication cancelled');
     } else console.error(error)

} else {
// fingerprint auth isn’t available
.catch(error => console.error(error));