How to run adb in appflow (Android)


With reference to Firebase Debug events:

I’m trying to create an appflow build with the necessary flags set to enable Firebase debug view.

In those docs, they say to run this command:

adb shell setprop PACKAGE_NAME

however, in appflow this produces…

[23:53:02]: ▸ stderr: ‘* daemon not running; starting now at tcp:5037\n’ +
[23:53:02]: ▸ ‘* daemon started successfully\n’ +
[23:53:02]: ▸ ‘adb: no devices/emulators found\n’
[23:53:02]: ▸ }

Does anyone know how to run an adb command like this during build? Or, is there something else that I should do to enable Firebase debug events for my builds? (maybe a gradle setting?)