How to restore stack page in tab from other tab?


I have design app like this image

in detail page i wrote code

    this.stack = [];
    for(let i = 0; i < this.navCtrl.length(); i++) {
      let view = this.navCtrl.getByIndex(i);
    }"stackPage", this.stack); //save stack to storage

then i call stack from TAB 2 use function goToStack()

   this.navCtrl.insertPages(1, val);

but active tab is TAB 2 i want active tab in TAB 1

can anyone help me to set active tab in TAB 1?



switchTabs() {;


but when TAB 1 on the root, stack page will be on the root too


Each tab has it’s own page stack.


what if TAB 1 is list of book, then book have some table of content and content. in TAB 2 i want to set user activity like last view, bookmark etc.


If you have access to the navCtrl then you have access to each tabs page stack.