How to restart Ionic app in IOS


I am developing an ionic app for android and IOS. If any error occurred from server side or from client side the app gets restated. I am able to develop it for android using"file:///android_asset/www/index.html");

but for IOS I am not able to do this. Please let me know any solution for IOS.

I know there is $state.go() or windows.reload but this not worked for me because the some AppHub.On signals event are not initialize properly. Just only one solution will work for me just like android, but I am not able to do this same for IOS.


you can try
But $location.path() does not reload the page, if you do want a reload, you have to use $window.location.href or window.location.reload()


here I am passing ripple url but its still not redirecting to login page

I want to be redirectd it to index.html page




I want to be redirectd it to index.html page


its not working $location.path(’’) showing me the same page. not going on index.html page


How about this:
window.location.href = “file:///android_asset/www/index.html”;
disableAnimate: true,
disableBack: true,
historyRoot: true

It should work in iOS as long as you do the state changes from indexCtrl and make urlrouter.otherwise("/");( PS: I have never done that )


I solve this issue using.

  var initialHref = window.location.href;;
   // Reload original app url (ie your index.html file)
    window.location = initialHref;

thanks for your replys


Just out of curiousity, does; clear the view cache as your intent is to restart the app, i believe you should clear the history.