How to reset data in service

Hi, I need help with my ionic app. I am not an expert on Angular, still learning it, so I want to ask, how would I ‘reset’ data that are stored in controller/service. Let me explain the skeleton of my app:

MainView [mainCtrl]                   ↴
    SelectingPicture [selectService]  ↴
        ParametersView [paramsCtrl]       ↴ //here user specify the parameters, e.g. how to upload a picture, etc.
            Upload [uploadService]    ↴ //this takes care about whole POST/fileupload
                SuccessView [afterCtrl]   ↴ //here, the user specify whether he wants to save the response (edited image) and where. The save function calls the saveService
                    Save [saveService]  //this takes care about writing a file to destination

Everything with the processing is okay, but just for the first time. After I save the output file (for the first time), there is a button in the view, that takes me back to the MainView (I did that by using UIRouter’s ui-sref, maybe this is why?). And when I want to repeat those steps with different data, I am successfull with getting through selecting and uploading, but when it comes to saving it uses the data that left saved in factory’s fields from previous attempt. I have already turned of caching, so I have no idea why my factory isn’t reloading it’s fields when injected again. (or the factory in angular is made as a singleton?)
Thank you in forward for any ideas on how to solve this. One solution I have though about is to use $ionicView.loaded event and when that is emitted, call some function on service, that would set the defaults.