How to remove white space created after hiding navbar?

In my app i have a page, called for example AB, of two tabs and inside one of them, let’s call it A, i push an other page, called C.
Inside the page C i have a normal ion-navbar like this:


At the beginning i saw in C the navbar of AB and the navbar of C. I fixed this using a boolean “hideNavAB” value setted to true only when i’m on page C, so the code in AB:

<ion-header *ngIf= "hideNavAB==false">

Now i have a problem that i can’t resolve. In the C page i see only the navbar of C but just above it, in the place where it should be the AB navbar, there is a white space.

Below an image for an example of this behaviour:

Tried to do this, with #content on ion-header of C (and tested also on both C and AB) but it didn’t work.

import { Component, ViewChild } from '@angular/core';
import { Content } from 'ionic-angular';

export class MyPage{
  @ViewChild(Content) content: Content;


Can you please share your code? It will help to understand your problem.

Which part do you need? I think the important part is on the ion-header, right?

The problem is the same showed here, without a solution:

Not sure if I get your point, it seems the difference between the two ion-header is the value of ion-title.
If so, why not just use one single ion-header and set the ion-title value with either C or AB according the the boolean?

Because the important thing here is not the title inside the navbar but having avaiable the right navbar.
To follow my example of AB (page that contains two tabs A and B) and the page C pushed from A the normal, and correct, behaviour of Ionic is: from C clicking on the back button (what it really matters here) i go back to A. Surely I don’t want to come back to the page before AB like if i was clicking on the back button of AB.
Still hoping someone has an advice to solve this. Thank you both anyway :slight_smile:

Tried also the solution on here: but it didn’t work.
Can a moderator give an help? It’s this an issue? Thanks