How to remove the default right icon in ion-item list

Someone please let me know how to remove the default right icon displayed in ion-item list. I want to display my icon (that too when required) in the list.

Which element are you using < ion-item > or <a ion-item> ?

try this:

      <ion-item *ngFor="#item of items" (click)="itemSelected(item)">
         <!-- replace this with your icon -->
         <ion-icon *ngIf="item.showIcon" name="rose" item-right></ion-icon>
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Hi, Thanks for your reply.
I used the similar code excluding the ngIf statement in your code. I got both the icons in my ionic serve view. On including the ngIf statement, i am getting only the default icon displayed and my icon is not displayed. I facing the issue in ionic serve ios view. In Android it works fine without ngIf.

Which icon? Are you talking about the right arrow that appears on iOS? You can remove this by using detail-none on the item. Not sure if this is what you’re looking for.

Docs on item:

It’s hard to tell without seeing your markup/images of what is happening but you may be running into this:


Thats exactly what i was looking for. Thanks a lot @brandyshea. :slightly_smiling:

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Thanks for your answer, Saved my life. :slight_smile: