How to remove background tracking notification bar?

How to remove background tracking enabled notification bar android ionic 2

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Finally find out my issue on about comment…
Thanks for all viewers…

Just am change my geolocation config.

Can you post how you solved the problem? Future readers might be interested.

Yeah, i solved this problem. Just am change the ionic 2 background geolocation config file on location tracker.
For Example on below code:
let config = {
desiredAccuracy: 10,
stationaryRadius: 20,
distanceFilter: 30,

    interval: 3000,
    fastestInterval: 2500,
    notificationTitle: "LOCATIONTEST", // Android
    notificationText: "Background location tracking is ON.", // Android
    notificationIconLarge: "icon", // Android
    notificationIconSmall: "icon", // Android
    startOnBoot: true,
    startForeground: false,

    batchSync: true,       // <-- [Default: false] Set true to sync locations to server in a single HTTP request.
    autoSync: true,         // <-- [Default: true] Set true to sync each location to server as it arrives.
    maxDaysToPersist: 1, 

   activityType: 'AutomotiveNavigation',
  stopOnTerminate: true,