How to reload the app without quit emulator?

as title.

because rerun the emulator is very slow.

I suggest you to test you app directly in browser. Just refresh the page to see your changes.

In console, go to www folder and run this command: python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000
Now go to your browser (chrome I recommand) and go to url http://localhost:8000

I recommand to use the browser too because it’s easier too work with, and you have some intresting plugins like Batarang helping you to use scopes in Angularjs.

OR you try -> thats what am using.

Interesting ! I’m following the steps, but I’m not able to serve the phonegap app because it’s ionic app. How did you deal with ?

Inside the your root of your ionic project, create a “.cordova” folder and create a “config.json” file inside of the .cordova folder with these content:

"lib": {
    "www": {
        "id": "com.phonegap.helloworld",
        "version": "3.4.0",
        "uri": ""


Save and try the “phonegap serve” from the command line again.

it works like a charm. I’m very impressive Thank you.
Very usefull for sizing application on different device (ipad/iphone) !