How to reload app on emulator?


I’m totally newbie to building/emulation processes so I’d like to know if everytime I want to reload my app after changes on my templates’s html/js. I have to run ‘ionic emulator android’, everytime.


Yes, that is correct, every time.


u can test your app on localhost like with “python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000” and run it on your browser


Hmm… Use webserver is fine then. Thanks guys.

Btw, how to properly rename my app.
Do I only have to change it on config.xml and build it?


Correct, the changes made in the config.xml will be reflected in your app once you build again.

$ cordova prepare

$ ionic build [platform]


Or during development with android point in config.XML to index file on /sdcard/yourappfolder/index.HTML and use adb push to copy files there. No need to recompile host app all the time. Way to slow. Debug with chrome://inspect.