How to reduce the splash screen time in ionic 3

but i share this apk file to my frds and they install same apk file getting different timing in spash my mobile device is a problem??

40 sec is very high latency, so far I have never experienced such a delay in my apps. Is there any API which you are calling during app start ? if so can you check how long it is taking time to execute by checking it on any of the rest client like Postman.

kk i will check…

As far as my experience is, I’ve faced this scenario and fix it this way:

Remove platforms from ionic,

ionic cordova platform rm android
ionic cordova platform rm ios

then check all your cordoba plugins, and remove the ones you are not using,
you can try to add them in bulks and see which one is incrementing the file size/iddle load time

then add again the platform

ionic cordova platform add android

and build like –prod this should reduce load time
you can try:

ionic cordova prepare [<platform>]
ionic cordova compile [<platform>]
ionic cordova build [<platform>] --prod

thanks its work for me…

but every time i use these cmds??

ionic cordova prepare []
ionic cordova compile []
ionic cordova build [] --prod

its supposed that

ionic cordova build [<platform>] --prod

does it every time but, I don’t know why it seems to ignore at least the

ionic cordova prepare [<platform>]

maybe just use those two and when you update your cordova plugins,
to remove an re-add the platform seems to help clean anything that could be cached

Also @mukeshsmk is the solution worked for you, place a like (heart) on it so another users can find the right solution when they get to this post :smiley: