How to redirect back to app from in app browser [help]

Hi guys,
I need help with deepslink.
i’m not able to redirect back to the app.

I set the .well-known folder with the conf:

	"applinks": {
		"apps": [],
		"details": [
				"appID": "",
				"paths": ["*"]

and I have an action that opens the internal app browser to a specifico url with:
await{ url });

When this us is openin the browserr, after some actions I would like to close the internal app browser and navigate into a speicfic page of the app.

But it doesnt happen.

I didn’t see any other configuration so I would likee to know if someone can help me or give me some advices.

Really thanks in advance and kind regards,

Or is possible to redirect back to the app url usign something:
capacitor.config.json "server": { "iosScheme": "ionic", "androidScheme": "http", "hostname": "", },