How to Read/ Process User's Data and Send Data from Angular Admin Dashboard to Client(User) Ionic App

Hi guys,

I am building a multi-user ionic app which I would like to connect to (backend) Angular admin dashboard and a cloud database. I have developed both the dashboard and ionic app but need to work on handling and processing user data.

My goal is to read each user’s specific set of data (geoocation, name, email number, etc), process it and send the new data (like personalized push notifications, other data for plotting on user’s side) to him/ her from admin dashboard. I was thinking to use Firebase as sitting between users and admin so that admin can fetch each user’s data from it and send new data to each user using it (or perhaps some google cloud service like App Engine).

I may sound a little amateur in describing above but essentially that is what I am ideally aiming to accomplish.

Please feel free to throw your suggestions on how to best go about achieving it. :slight_smile:

Thanks and regards

So you have an app installed on the user’s device and a backend controlled by you on some remote server, and now you want to “push” changes in the data saved for that specific user in the backend to the user’s app installation?

Best use invisible push notifications to inform the device that their is something new, then get the new data (or even include it in the push already).

Alternatively you can of course poll from the app to the server or implement a “pull to refresh”.