How to put two images in a list?


I need to put two images in a list, as in the example below that has in the docs, so that one needs to have an image of each side right and left.

codigo de exemplo.

<a class="item item-avatar" href="#">
  <img src="venkman.jpg">
  <p>Back off, man. I'm a scientist.</p>



Your code is fine. venkman.jpg is expected to be at the root of the www directory.

Do the following:

  1. go to the www directory and create a subdir called “images”

  2. drop your images in here

  3. change your HTML to the following:

<img src="images/venkman.jpg">


Thank you for trying to help.

Let me be more objective.

The example I can reproduce.

However what I want is to put two images in the list, one left and one right


That’s an HTML and CSS question, not an Ionic 2 question. Better suited to just searching Google and StackOverflow.


thanks for helping.

I’m learning, and I do not know very well neither html nor css but I’m studying.

As it has this example in the docs of ionic I thought that would be the answer here that I want.

But I’m already in an html forum let’s see if I can get by the


Insisting a little more, I found this in the ionic documentation

Is it possible that with this example someone can help?