How to put a big text

Hello community of Ionic,
I have a small problem which happened when I decided put a big text inside an object’s property…
data = [
name: ‘Ionic Forever’,
detail: ‘Sas kjdsldasd Djdsa
Dkjdajda kdasljdakdsas jkasd’
The property or atribute… called “detail” have a big texto with spaces… I wached a video from youtube and the autor of that video put a big text witout problems, but if I do it, I get the next error;

Why this the code of him works perfectly?

what could I do.
thanks so much.

instead of using quotes
wrap your text inside ``

or if you want to use ’ '(quotes) then put your text in single line don’t break it.

Thanks man, It works… I haven’t see well… First I thought to use " ", after ’ ’ now thanks yours ``
Now I can continues…
I hope helping others…

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