How to publish device id based app in iOS App store

I have an ionic app where im using device id based login here the scenario is after the opening the app the customer will see the device id displayed on the screen and he will inform the id to the support people and then the app gets validated and then by pressing login button the user can login here the problem is I want to submit this app to the app store but for beta review how can I give sign-in access to apple people?

Offer them a way to add their device IDs themselves or give them a way around it.

This device id is just a random string, right, nothing you got from iOS?

The device id is added by using the device plugin in that im taking device.uuid as device id and after installing the app only on the landing screen it will display the id

You should check if Apple is ok with that in general. Historically, every unique identifier that was tied to the device (and not an app installation) caused problems.