How to print in a Bixolon (SPP-R210) printer, using Bluetooth Serial

How to connect a Bixolon (SPP-R210) printer using @ionic-native/bluetooth-serial.
When i connect and write on the printer sometimes not connect, sometimes not print, or print incomplete.


this.blueTooth.connect(this.printerAddressID).subscribe(c => {

  this.blueTooth.write(data).then(wr => resolve(wr)).catch(e => reject(e));

}, e => { reject(`ERR_CONNECT: ${e}`); });

I’m using:

  • PDF SPP-R210 Command Manual
    -Ionic 6.17.1 with capacitor
    -Testing on Android device (android 10)
    -Android Studio 2020.3.1 Patch 3
    -Gradle: 7.0.3
    -Android SDK (API Level): 30,29,28, 19

Any ideas or suggestions to follow?
I will appreciate it