How to prevent the list being scrolled to top when ionic-filter-bar search is shown?

I have a navigation based ionic app (android) where I have added a the ionic-filter-bar for native like search UI. It works, but the current list of ion-items are scrolled to top when the search button is tapped.

Here is the important part of the code:

<ion-nav-bar class="theme-color custom-nav-bar" no-tap-scroll="true">
<ion-nav-back-button class="arrow-white">
<ion-nav-view name="business">
  <!-- .... 'business' template injected here ... -->

My app doesn’t need to scroll to top when the search filter is shown. Please help.

@tushar4ic thats currently not configurable but feel free to put in an issue to make that configurable and Ill try to get to it in the near future