How to override back button or enrich an ionic component


Hello Folks!

We are using Ionic 3.4.2 for our Desktop and Mobile application.
We would like to set the title and aria-label attributes of the ionic back button.

Is there a generic way to override the ionic back button or is there a easy way to ‘enrich’ an ionic component?

For now we added the following code inside the ionic page

@ViewChild(Navbar) navbar: Navbar;

ionViewDidEnter () {
        let navbar = this.navbar;
        let backbutton = navbar.getNativeElement().querySelector('.show-back-button');
        if (backbutton !== undefined && backbutton !== null) {
            let title = 'back-title';
            backbutton.setAttribute("title", title);

Kind regards


Do you want to change the back button text?
There is a navbar.setBackButtonText function.
Otherwise, you can change it on AppModule like following:

IonicModule.forRoot(MyApp, {
            backButtonText: '',
            backButtonIcon: 'arrow-back'            


thank you for the responds but i do not want to set the button text.
We would like to set the title attribute to show a hover text and the aria-label attribute is used for accessibility.