How to open new template view when clicked on a form field



i want to open a view when, a user clicks on form input( text ) or focuses on it.
How to achive this?


also want to come back to same view(which contain form) when clicked on a button.


Look this example:

Instead of:
< a ng-click=“openModal()” >
< input type=“text” ng-click=“openModal()” >

Edit 1:
On-tap it’s better event than ng-click.


thanks :smile: will be using this for now



i want to use pulldown motion to pull down the model window(i.e the function performed by cancel button in your demo when form is clicked), how can i do this


You can use “on-slide-down” directive but it won’t be as good as you want. Only after slide down the modal close, and not during the sliding…


thanks, for helping me out


one more consern, how can i have this model open without clicking a button, i.e by default the model should be open and then when clicked on a form close,

and, how can i load a view in this model i.e external file not in script tag?