How to open livereload server without emulator from terminal in ionic/cli 6.16.3?

Hello everyone, I have a question wanna ask about after update ionic/cli to 6.16.3. Once open Reload server will ask me choice the emulator from android. But for my pc does not allow powerful so much to run emulator each time, which will make my computer have a big lag and difficult to code.

Could I ask guys who know the solution how to disable the emulator after open liveReload server from the terminal. If in the older version like 6.15.0, we could type –no-open to disable android studio to open it and emulator.

In the newest version may not allow –no-open anymore or maybe a bug, I don’t know.
here the result after the run with –no-open options when liveReload server.

ionic cap run android will run native Android, that means it will run on a real android device or android emulator.

If you want to see the web only, I think you can use ionic serve command instead

Hi @jcesarmobile, can ionic have a way to run native android and web servers without an open android emulator like the older version of 6.15.0. Cause I think ionic team after update newest version may have something instead –no-open or something work on twice, mobile and webserver without always asking about which emulator should be the one to start.

Sorry, I don’t understand your use case. If you don’t want to run in an emulator, where do you want to run it?
I think --no-open was to not open Android Studio, which is no longer opened as it will allow you to run on a simulator or real device directly from the CLI.

Sorry, I am not good at English, so please pardon me :sweat_smile:

in my case, I wish the newest version may have the options like the older ionic/cli version of 6.15.0.
After using ionic build and then ionic cap run android -l --external-url=[IP]
I can open android studio and build it to *.apk, then installed it on my devices.

After Installed *.apk open with IP server. I can observe it for the next time without open android studio and build *.apk again until I gonna build it to the product and upload it to the play store.

So that why I wanna ask about how to run without an open emulator because I already installed apk inside with localhost[IP] able to observe the result.

I used to have the experience to build a product from the web and mobile. Both of them have a lot of differences so that why I hope when developing the app, it should observe on mobile be sure than watch the result on emulator.

So, as I said, use ionic serve --external instead of ionic cap run, run command is to run in the actual device or emulator and will reinstall the apk.
If you don’t want/need to reinstall the apk, use serve command.

Hi @jcesarmobile, Oh god. How did I miss these docs from ionic serve?

I always follow the step of --livereload said. Now I realized it because you told me.
By the way, if I already installed apk has a server local. I am able to run with
ionic serve --external doesn’t it?

Thanks, @jcesarmobile so much for a busy time to helping me.
I will try it for my project.

yeah, the run command is to install the app on a device/emulator and start the server, if you are installing the apps manually and just want to start the server then use serve command

as long as you don’t install new plugins it should be ok, if you install new plugins you need to create a new app a

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