How to open android page in ionic when click on button from ionic using angularjs

How to open android page in ionic when click on button from ionic using angularjs

What is an “android page”?

I mean layout page (.xml file)
I want to add native code of android and iOS platform in ionic and display design according to platform on click of single button…If I’ll run my ionic app in android that time android code will be execute and when run in iOS that time display design of iOS in ionic app

In short I have to add native code and how it will be run in ionic app

Do you need to do that or do you want to do that? By default this is not really supported. If you just want to, may I ask why?

I need to do that

Because I creating an app…According this app I have to give an option to the user for store data offline in device

And I have already done it in native android app using SQLite
But I have to implement this logic in my ionic app without using Pouchdb and Couchdb …So I have to call Native code directly…Otherwise I have to use SQlite in my ionic app…But I don’t know How to use SQLite in ionic

And I also want to do that

Good you mentioned that, because that is actually not that hard:

app folder is note created in my app…/www/app not found

Can I get any example of SQLite in ionic???

Did you look at the links I posted? This is the solution how to use SQLite in Ionic.

Yaa but .ts file is not available in my project

Are you using Ionic 1?

Yes…I created Sample app in ionic 2 but I was not satisfied with that because I’m beginner for ionic

Escpecially if you are a beginner with no previous knowledge you should start with Ionic 2/3 and not Ionic 1. It is the future and most questions and andswers here are already not for Ionic 1 any more.

Anyway, here is SQLite for Ionic 1:

Thank you for the suggest me for ionic 2/3…Actually today I had starting work with ionic 2…If I have any more question then I’ll call for help…I hope you will help me

Sure, just create a new thread here with your problem and someone will help you. Good luck!

Thank you @Sujan12 :relaxed: