How to open a new message with a sample or default text

Actually i want to create a function i have a ion-card when user click on ion-card open message section with a default text.


I want to open message box with this text CHQREQ <No. of leaves <A/c no>
how can i do that?
Please help me anyone

Learn basic html + javascript after that retun to learn ionic


wow :laughing:Thank you so much @avishai_peretz_dev for your valuable advice


Maybe an ionic alert is what you looking for.

If you want to show the text in an input then look to input placeholder.

Best regards, anna-liebt

sorry but @avishai_peretz_dev is right. way to many people here trying to develope better stuff than google but never saw the first page of an html tutorial. but at least your question is one of the less dumb

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