How to notify the app update available on playstore

I have already placed an App on playstore. User has downloaded the app. When the App is updated on playstore. How to notify the user that new version of the app is available in playstore. Please help me out…

By default Google Play will do this for you. If you are using push you could send a notification.

I want show an alert when user opens App. Will it be atomatically done.

Nope. You will need to engineer that mechanism into your app.

@A_Burgess tq dude. Do you have any idea how to implement this feature…

That is a very open ended question as there are so many ways you could do this. The simplest I can think of would be to maintain the current version number and make it available via REST. Check the API then alert if not up to date. There are plugins you can get to retrieve the installed apps version information.


You can do this simply, upload new version to google play, and google play will automatically update the app for users and if any user for some reason due to their internet restrictions or settings will not be able to update by automatic, then you can set notification in your app, that notification can be set fetched by api from your online website. You can set a restriction if user has not latest version, then show this notification, and this you can check if latest version is now available from your online website’s api.

Does this make sense? Let me know if you are still in confusion.

Hi. Thanks For your Reply, I need one more information from your words

          "**that notification can be set fetched by api**"

So what is that API–How can I use in mobile side. Please help me. try this on your app, you could send all your users a push message

Thanks for youe message, But I need in ionic v1

Yeah, i get that there is an example implementation for ionic v1 as well! im using ionic one in one of my projects aswelll and it works like a charm :slight_smile:

But I am unable to find how we are getting playstore app version into our application

i thinks the best solutions for you is either to do it via a small api, or just type which version it is in your push message manually :confused: let me know when you figure something out!