How to not cache the device

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Do you need to use iframe? Other things being equal, it’s a technique to avoid.

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Which one can I use? the video has to open in the player on the page.

What’s wrong with html5 video?

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It’s saving the cache too. :frowning:

How clear the cache device after leaves the view?

Thanks @Sujan.

I am not sure I understand your question, but maybe the solution is as simple as setting the html video source to the empty string in ionViewWillLeave.

Sorry, my English is not good.
When I open my app on the page containing the iframe video, its saves temporarily cache on device. I do not want save this cache. I need remove this possibilty.
I try meta tags on index.html, but its saves the cache again.

How is the browser going to play it if it doesn’t have a copy?

But this is a problem. The same video saves cache on device, always run when open the page. the temporary cache on device stay too big.

Maybe program for recent devices that have more market share? This doesn’t sound like a problem for devices sold within the last 5 years.

Yes. This question does not interrupt my application, but I saw the cache and thought about deleting it.

Have you tried doing this?

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I have this on open the ts
ionViewDidLoad() { = ''"+video_id+

I try now when leaves the page
ionViewWillLeave() { = ‘’;

but saves cache again.
I think I’m making a big mistake. Can you show me a example?

After 15 messages in this topic I still have no idea what you mean by that. “saves cache” is not valid English.

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Sorry my english. My app save cache on device when play YouTube video with iframe or html5 player. I need clear this cache or disable. Understands?

The words, yes. The meaning, no.
What does “cache” mean? Where? How? How do you see that is is cached vs. not cached? Why is this relevant?

When play the video with <iframe [src]=“video”> my smartphone saves temporary cache of this video, but ever time that play the video again increase temporary cache (memory). I need clear or dont save this cache.

Is this different when done in the browser directly?