How to navigate from Root componet

hi ,

I am trying to get permission in app.component.ts when user give all the permission then only i want to display home page.


User grants all the permission’s. Then i have to again restart the app then page are loaded

const storage = this.androidPermissions.requestPermission( this.androidPermissions.PERMISSION.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE );

			const storageWrite = this.androidPermissions.requestPermission( this.androidPermissions.PERMISSION.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE );
			const phone = this.androidPermissions.requestPermission( this.androidPermissions.PERMISSION.READ_PHONE_STATE );
			Promise.all([storage,storageWrite,phone]).then(value => {
					/* this.navCtrl.setRoot(LoginPage); */
					console.log("in app LOgin Promise all");;


This is what i am trying to do . This written in app.component

The NavController API explains exactly how to do this, with sample code.