How to move ios-build app onto an iPad?


Is there a way to make an ios build of my app, and then move it onto my iPad without going through the app store? I’m trying to establish a connection between my Macbook and my iPad via USB but I’m not able to see the device in Finder.


Sure. There’s a few ways. Both require Xcode though, so I guess the first question is if you have a Mac?? If so, Ionic creates an Xcode project in the build process. If you plug your iPad into your Mac and open the project (once you have downloaded Xcode) you should see it in the list of devices. If you run it with your iPad selected (the ‘play’ button in the top row of icons) Xcode will compile and copy your App over to the iPad and run it. Once there, you don’t need to have the iPad connected anymore and your App will be left on your iPad to test independently.

Hope this helps :smile:


Thanks! That worked great. Now I just have another problem, and it’s that none of the images I have in the app are showing up on the iPad (in simulator OR on the actual iPad). I think I’ll start a new thread for that… thanks again


Hey, no problem. For the images, you’ll need to copy them to the correct directory. Remember that running though Ionic and running through the browser (and Xcode) the path will be different. Check the paths in your image refs and you’ll soon figure it out :smile:


That was my first instinct, but I don’t know how to check the image ref on the iPad. In browser, no problem. How do I check it on iPad?


Hi there.

You won’t be able to sadly. But remember that there are two ‘web roots’ effectively. The ‘www’ in the app root and then the ‘www’ in the /platforms/ios/ directory. This last is where the app runs from once ‘compiled’. Hope this helps :smile: