How to modify requiresExclusiveTouchType?

I am creating a Notes taking app using Ionic Framework. It is working well and we want to improve hand writing experience.

We are using stylus. Palm rejection works well but not quite to other people that holds a pen differently. Other people lay their hand on the screen, while other people just barely touching the screen while writing. In this case, palm rejection fails to work, and it is recognizing the event as touch as the radius (I guess) is not big enough to be recognize as palm.

So, my solution is to just handle the events in javascript, instead of relying on the device palm rejection feature. The problem is, touch events stylus does not emit when there is an ongoing finger/direct touch event.

Finger (fires one event)
Finger + finger :white_check_mark: (fires two events)
Finger + stylus :x: (fires only finger event)
Stylus + finger :x: (fires only stylus event)

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