How to modify @ionic-native/image-picker?


I am recently using @ionic-native/image-picker and need to modify it
when i look source code of getPictures() , the implementation is not done yet
how does it work? below is the source code
any hint will be more than welcome!

what i need to do is put checkmark for selected image by image picker

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I need it too, not just the checkmark. I need to navigate between albums.

You are looking at the wrong place. The ionic native wrappers are just that - typescript wrappers around cordova plugins. You need to modify the cordova plugin method it wraps around. Read the ionic native developer guide for how it works - the functions you are pointing to are just stubs.

Iā€™d recommend you fork the cordova-plugin though and use that instead of modifying the core cordova plugin - that way if you ever remove/re-add, your changes will be maintained.