How to make this UI which

Hi there ,

I tried to search how to make this UI, but probably no details on
So I’m posting here.

Here is some problem for me .
It looks so easy to build in app, but there is not information on URL(


‘item=Always’ checked , and the other 'item= Only While Phone is locked" is not.
I sincerely apologize as i am still learning English therefore my English is very poor.

Hi @ohkawa, Sorry, I couldn’t understand what you are trying to ask. Can you please elaborate/explain in detail that what do you want to achieve so that someone/me can guide you better? What is your target?

search better :grin:

Thank you for asking me .
So , I try to explain what is my target .

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Search better … You probably are right.

What I wanna make is this…

It was my mistaken because a little different

thank you both!!